An Insider's Handbook for Health Care Reform

Our first title, CURED! The Insider’s Handbook for Health Care Reform is now available on paperback, hardcover and eBook — for any device, for any way that you want to read or buy your book.

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Veteran health care insider Stephen S. S. Hyde explains how America’s health care crisis is the result of a market failure that has been magnified over seven decades by the well-meaning but misguided actions of government and employers.  He shows how this market failure can be corrected to allow effectively regulated consumer markets to deliver affordable health insurance and high quality health care to everyone.

Along the way, he reveals:
•    The widely believed myths that are leading us astray
•    How health insurance really works and why it hasn’t
•    The eight goals for a sustainable health care system
•    The three necessary elements of regulatory reform
•    The seven essential components of transformational health care reform
•    How we have to achieve disease prevention

Stephen S. S. Hyde is has been a public company CEO and chairman or board member of numerous companies.  He is a successful health care entrepreneur, a former federal chief managed care financial regulator, a certified actuary, and an advocate of regulated market-based health care reforms to deliver sustainable, affordable, quality health care to all Americans.